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Dr. Joshua A. Cable

"Transforming Nations One City at a Time"

Dr. Cable has demonstrated strong leadership in his career in family, business, and ministry.  A husband of 12 years and father of 3 beautiful children.  He has more than 10 years of combined experience in entrepreneurship, economic and community development, business mentoring & coaching, training and development, and church growth.  He is an an apostle and prophet, author, certified coach, speaker, and visionary.  Dr. Cable has served as a volunteer with SCORE Mississippi and currently serves on the board for Business Empowered Mississippi as the Executive VP.  

During his tenure in Chicago, IL Joshua served his community by training over 500 youth in career development and job readiness.  He also contributed to the business community in Jackson, MS as a business developer working for the HBCU Jackson State University.  A campus staff minister for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, he equips students to advance the Kingdom of God on campus and beyond in the state of Mississippi.  Dr. Cable was also honored in Hinds County and City of Jackson to have a day of honor called Dr. Joshua A. Cable Day held annually on February 1.  He also served alongside his wife as Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi 2020 of the USA Global Pageant.

Dr. Cable possesses a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Southern Mississippi, a Local Economic Development Certificate from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a Doctorate in Ministry from Chayil International University.  In his spare time, Joshua enjoys reading, watching classic tv, walking, playing his viola, and traveling.


Monica Nicole Cable

"Shifting Families One Woman at a Time"

Monica Nicole Cable is an entrepreneur, author, ministry leader and speaker and has been recognized in both professional and faith sectors.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi and her Masters in Ministry from Chayil International University.  

A call to inspire, impact and influence others to embrace and enjoy love and life, Monica delights in advising & teaching on marriage and family through her WOW! women ministry platform.  She volunteers for the Mississippi Sidewalk Advocates for Life team, a partner with Business Empowered Mississippi and chosen and honored as a "Top Woman in Business 2020 by the Black Women's Business Expo. 


In 2019, Monica was presented "The Deborah Award" for her courage and exemplary leadership in advancing the Kingdom of God.  She also served alongside her husband as Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi 2020 of the USA Global Pageant.


 She takes great joy in training her three children Moriah, Joseph, and Caleb.

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