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Dr. Joshua Cable's journey begun with deep roots for youth development and his commitment to transforming communities. With a wealth of experience working with young people, he has held roles as a youth pastor within local churches and actively contributed to college ministry. Professionally, he has made a meaningful impact in the youth development industry.

In 2008, inspired by his dedication to nurturing the potential of young individuals, Dr. Cable founded WarCriers Ministries. This organization brought together youth for prayer and teaching, setting the stage for a journey of purpose-driven growth.


As the years passed, Dr. Cable's vision expanded beyond the realm of youth engagement. His active involvement in local economic development initiatives unveiled an opportunity to bridge the worlds of ministry and urban economic development. This realization marked a significant turning point.

In 2021, reflecting his evolved mission and aspirations, Dr. Cable rebranded and redefined his organization as the Kingdom Cities Network. Under this new banner, he is committed to his personal mission: 'Transforming Nations One City at a Time.' With a profound understanding of youth dynamics and a visionary approach that encompasses urban economic development, Dr. Cable's journey continues to shape a brighter future for communities and the next generational leaders.


Dr. Joshua A. Cable is a visionary leader. With over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship, community and economic development, and ministry, he's dedicated to positive change.


A family man, married for 14 years with three children, Dr. Cable is also an author, speaker, and certified coach. He's served in community organizations, such as SCORE Mississippi and Business Empowered Mississippi. Dr. Cable's mission extends to training and development of leaders in the marketplace and ministry,

His education includes a Bachelors in Business Administration, a Local Economic Development Certificate, and an Honorary Doctorate in Ministry. He's a campus staff minister for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, empowering students for impact.

Recognized with "Dr. Joshua A. Cable Day," he and his wife lead the Kingdom Cities Network and The Cable Connection, transforming communities and generations.

In his leisure time, Dr. Cable enjoys reading, classic TV, the viola, and traveling.



"Shifting Families One Woman at a Time."


With a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from The University of Southern Mississippi and having studied her Master's in Ministry, she bridges her professional and faith-based expertise.

Monica's mission revolves around inspiring, impacting, and influencing individuals to embrace love and life. She passionately advises and teaches on marriage and family dynamics when empowering and encouraging women.

Monica's exceptional contributions have earned her recognition in both professional and faith communities. In 2020, she was honored as a "Top Woman in Business" by the Black Women's Business Expo. Furthermore, in 2019, she received "The Deborah Award" for her courageous and exemplary leadership in advancing the Kingdom of God.

Together with her husband, Dr. Joshua A. Cable, Monica takes great joy in training and nurturing their three children: Moriah, Joseph, and Caleb. In 2020, they also had the privilege of serving as Mr. and Mrs. Mississippi, further extending their reach and impact as a couple.

Monica along with her husband are Co-Founders of The Cable Connection, where she serves to strengthen and to be a blessing to families and generations.


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